Queen Bee is queen

Queen Bee is queen

First of all let me just say- I fan girl hard. By which I mean there will be tears. Bring someone I adore near me and I’ll break down into a sweeping heap of hot mess; and seeing Beyonce was no different.

If you’re thinking that this is going to be just another one of those blog posts that gush about a celebrity and being their biggest fan and how great that person is- you’re absolutely correct.

I went to her Sydney show on November 2nd, and since seeing her perfection in person I feel like an insignificant fly on the wall in comparison – then again she always talks about how she works her ass off and considering my ass is glued to a chair or bed most days I guess I can’t complain! If you’ve downloaded her new visual album, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

If I found out that in the next life I’ll be reborn as a towel she uses once in her life, I’ll die happy. They don’t call her the queen B for nothing.


RIP Paul Walker

RIP Paul Walker

A quick post to celebrate Paul Walker’s life. He’s been a heartthrob to all of us who have been absolutely obsessed with the Fast and Furious movies and his humanitarian efforts outside of acting have cemented his place as a Hollywood treasure. I remember going to watch all the F&F movies after falling in love with the second one and fainting every time he or Vin Diesel came on screen.

Whenever there’s a celebrity passing, you see so many people become aware of a person who they didn’t pay a second glance to when they were alive (Michael Jackson for example). So to his family and his true fans – the ones that won’t forget 3 days later when it is no longer being reported – his loss will be truly missed. Rest in paradise Paul William Walker IV.