Pick up a hammer instead of a Barbie.

This is fantastic. Finally a toy company that doesn’t make the same sort of product. Over. And. Over. Again. GoldieBlox aims to turn doll/pink/tutu-obsessed young girls into smart and innovative engineers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean forcing them to think about armature demagnetisation at the age of six – but building parade floats and spinning machines is certainly more stimulating than changing the shoes of a barbie doll.

The video even left me thinking “boy if someone had taught me to create such a cool domino effect when I was a kid, maybe I wouldn’t be as bad as I am now at bowling.”

Honestly, I think this is awesome. What’s even better is that even though Goldie (the main character) is blonde-haired and green-eyed, she has curly hair, freckles and a gap tooth. Even better, her best friend is dark-skinned. Being a fellow (former) gap-toothed south-east Asian myself, I totally prefer this to the dolls I had to play with in the early 00s.

As a side note, there is nothing wrong with fashion design. As a six year-old I did not find greater pleasure in life than deciding whether hot pink pants matched a checked red shirt or if aqua flare pants were a better option.

Maybe I’m overexcited that there’s finally something different on the market for the young girls, and it’s caused me to overlook any flaws of the idea. Regardless, I hope these toys stick around until (and if) I pop one out myself!