7 reasons why you need to stick to your New Years resolutions

  1. You never do. Every year you make an elaborate list of aaaaall the things you’re going to achieve in the new year. Get healthy, start sleeping, be on time, get work done, yada yada yada… it never happens.
  2. You’ll love yourself for it. Think about it, how much do you want to punch yourself in the face every December for doing zero with your life? That’s what I thought. Don’t worry, I’m not one to talk.
  3. You’re getting older. Like it or not, time doesn’t slow down. Don’t spend another year putting off what needs to be done – it only gets harder from here. You’ll wake up one day, look in the mirror and all you’ll see will be wrinkles and grey hair.
  4. It’s the only time you’ll ever make a resolutions list. When else during the year do you write down everything you want to achieve? Christmas? Easter? Your grandmother’s birthday? Nope, you’ll do it once – so cross those buggers off.
  5. You feel… fresh. A new year means out with the old and in with the new. Forget old jobs, boyfriends and bad experiences and start looking towards new ones. Now’s the time to make a change for yourself, so start one step ahead.
  6. Everyone else is doing it. Everyone else makes these lists. How many stick to it? Mind you, I’m only 18, but I’m yet to meet a single person that hasn’t thrown their list away on the 1st of January. Be the black sheep, write it up and tick it off.
  7. Shove it in his/her face. There’s someone/there are people out there that you don’t like. Don’t you want to show him/her/them how much you win at life? If you don’t, even people you want to impress/prove yourself to works here.

I totally understand how circumstances/anything else can have a role to play in how/when/if you can cross things off your New Years list. All I’m saying is don’t let laziness get in the way. Take a pillow, stick a picture of yourself on a bed of lazy on it and punch it until your picture and pillow explode in a spray of feathers. Repeat this in real life. (By no means am I condoning self-violence.)