Snapchat: will I get arrested?

Snapchat: will I get arrested?

So for one of my media projects at uni this semester, a group of us researched the legal and social consequences of sexting and posting on social media. Unfortunately, I’m an avid user of Snapchat. Meaning I will literally snap over anything I’m doing- be it at a Beyonce concert or washing my plate after dinner (I’m a loser, I’ve come to accept it). Even though I’m not sending around nudes or anything of the sort, what we learnt during the project worries me. Living in Australia and having just finished my first year studying law, I’ve realised how behind we are in the legal system with the current social context. There is pretty much no difference between sexually abusing a minor and sending a racy photo to your underage (now ex)-boyfriend. Either way, you’re on the sex offender’s list. A bit ridiculous parliament, don’t you think?