Queen Bee is queen

Queen Bee is queen

First of all let me just say- I fan girl hard. By which I mean there will be tears. Bring someone I adore near me and I’ll break down into a sweeping heap of hot mess; and seeing Beyonce was no different.

If you’re thinking that this is going to be just another one of those blog posts that gush about a celebrity and being their biggest fan and how great that person is- you’re absolutely correct.

I went to her Sydney show on November 2nd, and since seeing her perfection in person I feel like an insignificant fly on the wall in comparison – then again she always talks about how she works her ass off and considering my ass is glued to a chair or bed most days I guess I can’t complain! If you’ve downloaded her new visual album, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

If I found out that in the next life I’ll be reborn as a towel she uses once in her life, I’ll die happy. They don’t call her the queen B for nothing.


RIP Paul Walker

RIP Paul Walker

A quick post to celebrate Paul Walker’s life. He’s been a heartthrob to all of us who have been absolutely obsessed with the Fast and Furious movies and his humanitarian efforts outside of acting have cemented his place as a Hollywood treasure. I remember going to watch all the F&F movies after falling in love with the second one and fainting every time he or Vin Diesel came on screen.

Whenever there’s a celebrity passing, you see so many people become aware of a person who they didn’t pay a second glance to when they were alive (Michael Jackson for example). So to his family and his true fans – the ones that won’t forget 3 days later when it is no longer being reported – his loss will be truly missed. Rest in paradise Paul William Walker IV.

Snapchat: will I get arrested?

Snapchat: will I get arrested?

So for one of my media projects at uni this semester, a group of us researched the legal and social consequences of sexting and posting on social media. Unfortunately, I’m an avid user of Snapchat. Meaning I will literally snap over anything I’m doing- be it at a Beyonce concert or washing my plate after dinner (I’m a loser, I’ve come to accept it). Even though I’m not sending around nudes or anything of the sort, what we learnt during the project worries me. Living in Australia and having just finished my first year studying law, I’ve realised how behind we are in the legal system with the current social context. There is pretty much no difference between sexually abusing a minor and sending a racy photo to your underage (now ex)-boyfriend. Either way, you’re on the sex offender’s list. A bit ridiculous parliament, don’t you think?